Visionary Software Solutions for Medical Engineering.
International partners rely on the expertise on safety
and connected systems at CADS.

Security via Encryption
Certified Products (TÜV, FDA, etc.)
Innovative (User-friendly, Mobile...)
Connected Servers
Realtime 3D Visualization

At CADS we produce medical applications through many years of experience that are considered as technological pioneer work in the field. The software requirements in this field are considered particularly high. International partners therefore rely on the expertise on safety and connected systems as well as 3D visualizations in realtime at CADS.

Customized software

These products are used by our customers:

Sirona VR

A Digital 3D-VR Sales Tool for Dentsply Sirona

IPS Gate

A modern online-platform to manage medical records


The web-platform for implant design and production


New ways in implant planning and production


New ways in implant planning and production

Without CAD interaction, implants can be outlined and accessed “anywhere” through secure access via mobile devices or the Web. This design automatically generates manufacturing codes and drilling and cutting gauges. The Panda project is revolutionizing the path from first contact with the doctor to the finished implant.


Spline Rigging

Automatic design and production

Production control

The standardized administration and implementation of the entire process from initial contact with the respective doctor to the production of the implants.

Integrated dynamic finite element analysis
Quality control through statistical models
Implant sketching and design without CAD interaction
Automatic generation of drilling and cutting templates

Secure access to all functions via mobile devices and web browsers
Automatic generation of the machine code


The web-platform for implant design and production

A direct interaction with the CAD allows the user to automatically create design and manufacturing data of the implant. Furthermore, Synopsis with its database provides the user with a library of standard elements such as holes, screws and much more. Synopsis maps a definable life cycle of a project and offers the possibility of role assignment.


Patient data

3D design of the implant based on the patient data

Automatic synopsis process

Production code

Winner of the Johnson & Johnson Inspired Award 2013

Verified medical device “Mandible Plate” since 21.12.2012, Approval in the US: 02.2014

IPS Gate

A modern online-platform to manage medical records.

For the first time ever, medical staff can safely and simply track cases: from the request for an implant, to the clarification of the design claims, to delivery and debriefing. The application is provided by KLS Martin.

The entire process at a glance

This includes extensive user and role management, implant design, production control, automated manufacturing and logistics tracking. In addition, the platform is internally connected to all important existing process tools (SAP, ERP, …).

Case Management

Communication Module

Panda 3D Modelling & Design Tool

Software architecture

The basis of IPS Gate is the modern “Micro Service” architecture, which was implemented from the ground up by CADS.

These services are easily scalable and encapsulated in containers
Services are independent of programming languages and operating systems
New features can be easily implemented by docking on a new service

Supported platforms

Universal Windows Platform
Desktop applications

Sirona VR

A Digital 3D-VR Sales Tool for Dentsply Sirona

To present new products to customers often requires large expenditures. From the flight to the lodging to the on-site support.

With the brand-new sales tool from Dentsply Sirona, first of all, the potential customers do not have to be flown to the site of the demo-practice. The Sales employees can, via the VR technology, present the requested dental

implantology workflow directly on the customer’s own premises.

These workflows are depicted in the VR application and can be explained live based upon animations and videos. Existing sales materials can also be directly integrated into the VR app, e.g. product folders and product catalogues.

A tour through the entire dental practice

Steps can be skipped and the app can be stopped at any time

Also available as a mobile app

Also available as a mobile app

Animation, Character Design, Special Effects …

A One-Stop Shop

Virtual reality is becoming more and more relevant not just in the gaming industry, but rather also in the business world.

The entire contents – from the modelling to the story-telling to the professional voice-overs for the characters – are produced by CADS.

The spoken contents are provided in English and subtitles in Spanish, Italian, German and French can be selected.

The features of this special application can be adapted to as many scenarios as desired and thus this special application constitutes a universal sales and training tool.

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