KTM Motocross Partners

“We now have had an almost 10-year partnership with the CADS Company. […] We particularly value CADS’ fast and always solution-oriented approach.”

Pimmingstorfer PeterHead of R&D Administration, KTM AG

a long-term partnership

“Top-Class Performance!” is KTM’s maxim – Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. The company has set this standard not just for its finished products, but rather also for its own development process. For many years, we have had the privilege of supporting the company to also fulfil this standard in the software segment as well. We develop supplemental applications for PTC Creo® which support KTM Designers during their daily development work. Thus, operational sequences are optimised and the entire product development process is accelerated.

Visualization Data as a Collective Database

During the course of our collective journey, we received the mandate from KTM to implement a section of our EPP solution within their design workflow.

EPP (Engineering Process Publisher – for Windchill® positioning assemblies) encompasses a software component that we have developed which enables fast and efficient visualization of so-called positioning assemblies in Windchill®. Through the efficient usage of the available hardware and the usage of special logics, direct time savings can thus be attained.

The Cornerstone has been Laid

During the first step, KTM AG opted for a solution which enables it to identify those components in the CAD assembly units which cannot be published as positioning assemblies. Precisely each component used for the visualization of the product data in Windchill® was seamlessly integrated by us at KTM.

Through the integration of the EPP sub-component, we laid the foundation for a continued cooperation and the expansion of the platform.

Next Logical Step

In order to utilise the full CADS.Advantage, KTM opted for our EPS solution at the end of 2018.

EPS (Engineering Process Sampler) is a bi-directional interface between Creo Parametric© and Creo View©. Thus, it will be possible in the future for KTM’s Designers to fulfil their tasks within the overall context of the assembly unit without having to compromise performance at the same time. Quite true to its motto of “Pure Performance for the Road”, our EPS solution will also bring you this performance in the future in CAD assembly unit management.

Screenshot eines KTM Motorrads in Creo mit EPS
With EPS you can easily visualize and display changes in the CAD environment of all colleagues with only two clicks.

Benefits for Both Sides

Partnerships, like the one between KTM and CADS, are advantageous for both sides. Firstly, one familiarizes oneself with the partner’s requirements more and more over the course of the years and, secondly, one obtains corresponding input in order to be able to continuously improve one’s own solutions.

Sometimes, thus, even quite new ideas are created for products or services. An example of this entails the graphical services offered by our CADS.Graphics Team which have already been utilized for a rendering or two of KTM motors.

To be Continued…

We are proud to have the privilege of supporting the prominent company KTM on its extremely successful journey and are confident that we will still be doing this for a very long time to come.