Notebook mit Welcome-Screen

to our new blog

Hello and a hearty welcome to the new CADS blog! Here, we will report upon a regular basis regarding the news and software innovations from the CADS Company. And because we are currently working with diverse tools and technologies, we also want to share our knowledge with you.

Briefly about Us

Since the beginnings of our company more than 10 years ago, we have set the following standard for ourselves: We would like to develop intuitive software for the industry because whatever is normal for private applications must also be possible here.

As our name indicates, our focus was on professional CAD software from our company’s very beginning. Over the course of the years, in addition to product development, production processes also became a fixed component of our everyday work life. In this regard, we have constantly focused not just on a certain sub-area, but rather also always on the surrounding processes and on creating total solutions jointly with our partners.

AM, lifecycle management/ERP, PLM/PDM, and EPP might initially sound like meaningless acronyms – however, in the overall context with our software solutions, they thoroughly make sense! Thus, our expertise expanded to substantially more areas than CAD. So there is a gap in your workflow? We will endeavor to seamlessly close this gap.

The CADS.Advantage

Through this motto, we want to utilize our future blog entries to present to you our philosophy, experience and enthusiasm for individual software solutions. We will endeavor to present to you our own developments and, in so doing, highlight the advantages of our solutions.

However, the new CADS blog will not just be limited to our own products. Exciting know-how or developments in our competence areas of product development, medical technology, additive manufacturing and media design will likewise be part of our reporting. The blog contributions will be published approx. every three months. Thus, it’s worthwhile to definitely always check it out!